Basic Meditation Techniques

Zen Image of rock path in water

Meditation is something that can be practiced by anyone who is interested in this ancient practice. It is for those who might have just had a long stressful day and want to relieve stress and bring relaxation within themselves. I am only revealing to you meditation techniques for beginners. There are different ways to meditate and there are different postures that you can use, but I am only focusing on the basics for those who are new to this subject of meditation techniques.

In all of the ancient cities of the world there is always evidence of people sitting in meditative postures. These postures are a form of yoga which means to “link back” I know you’re saying link back to what? Link back to your higher self or inner self because you are more than just your physical body. You have your physical body, soul, and spirit which is your lower self, higher self, and divine self you are the trinity.

The first step when it comes to this practice is breathing to calm your body and your mind. So what I would like for you to do is find a comfortable place for you to sit with your legs and feet together with your back, neck, and head straight as possible. While doing this technique hold your hands open with your palms face down on your lap close your eyes and breath in slowly. You don’t have to fill up your lungs fully with air just inhale a little more than normal. When you inhale think of something positive coming inside of your nostrils with the air like love, peace, strength, or whatever type of energy you want to bring into your body. When you breath out think relax and try to relax your body when breathing out.

The next best meditation techniques for beginners is to get all tension out of the body by continuing to inhale with your positive word in mind but when you exhale think relax only focusing on your feet. Continue this until your feet are totally tension free and move up to the lower part of your legs doing the same breathing exercise, bring peace in and exhale relax out while imagining tension coming out of your feet and lower calves.

Now that your body is totally relaxed and at peace put your focus between your eyebrows. When you inhale just enjoy the air but when you exhale Imagine and say to yourself “I’m relaxing my mental body” while focusing on the point between your eyebrows. What this meditation should do for your is relax your body and mind for you to connect to your higher self. This will not happen overnight it happens gradually as you continue to do these meditation techniques between five minutes in the beginning and thirty minutes a day. As time goes on you will be able to calm your body and mind at will and you will be on the path of being a master. Continue this exercise and you will reap the benefits of meditation techniques .