Stroke Treatment – Know Your Risk for Stroke

Stroke Treatment

Know Your Risk for Stroke

A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced resulting in the deprivation of precious oxygen and other nutrients. The brain is very sensitive to lack of oxygen and any condition that precipitates this results in brain cells dying. A stroke may occur due to a blocked artery or a blood vessel that burst. Here are some known risk factors of developing this condition.


Known as the silent killer as most patients do not know they have it until complications arrive. High blood pressure or hypertension is by far the leading cause of stroke. It is also the most controllable risk factor. Doctors have attributed a decline in deaths due to stroke through proper management of high BP.

Cigarette Smoking

We all know that cigarettes are bad for you. Here is another reason why. Carbon monoxide and nicotine found in cigarette smoke damages the cardiovascular system by competing with oxygen.


Either type 1 or 2 it is vital to always keep your blood sugar within manageable levels. Diabetes is known as an independent risk factor as most people with it also have hypertension, high cholesterol and most likely overweight which increases the risk more. Diabetes like hypertension is very treatable; its presence alone can increase the risk of developing the condition.

Poor Diet

Food high in animal fat, salt and cholesterol is bad for your health. Diets that are calorie rich also lead to obesity. Choosing a diet of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day can lead to a lesser chance of developing stroke.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Also known as the “couch potato” lifestyle, people that are inactive increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. To avoid this, try to live a more active lifestyle by exercising, choosing the stairs instead of the elevator and get rid of the couch potato mentality.

High Cholesterol

People with high cholesterol levels need to get the levels down s soon as possible as the presence of huge amounts in the blood can build up to cause clots that can lead to a stroke.

Stroke Treatment

The good news is there are a lot more advanced treatments options today for people who have suffered from a stroke. According to, once you have a stroke it can severely limit your ability to function everyday tasks. However they say you can gain back many of these functions with careful evaluation, treatment and therapy.